Titanium Fiber Cotton Elite

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TFC is finally here and it’s fast growing in popularity for a good reason.
TFC cotton is processed through 17 stages, producing high quality cotton without the slightest impurity. This 100% Organic Cotton blend is easily saturated; its dense fibers significantly expand to freely soak in liquid. With little to no break in period, you can literally wick a fresh build, give it a drip or squonk, and vape away.

When using TFC you will benefit from fast even absorption, 100% flavor from 100% pure organic cotton.

Don’t miss your chance to try this amazing and innovative cotton!

TFC Elite

Why this Elite is so different with the previous version?

– Titanium Fiber Cotton was designed to be the ultimate cotton.
– It undergoes 17 processes before packaging, ensuring the best quality cotton on the market today.
– Elite is being made as an answer and improvement based on customer’s needs.
– Thicker and more solid compare to the previous version.
– Elite has more heat resistance and longer durability.
– Has more length from 1.2 meter and now 1.6 meter.
– Weightier than previous version for sure.