HYLA- Disposable 0% Nicotine 4500 Puff - Strawberry + Mentha

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4500 Puffs

Product description

Meet STRAWBERRY + MENTHA Designed to chill you out. A sweet and long finish blended with functional mucuna-prurien plant extract. Powered by nature for a cleaner experience in a vegan, gluten-free formula.

- HYLA is a zero-nicotine and zero-tobacco, plant-powered vaporizer.
- Our flavors are a combination of Guarana and Mucuna Prurien from Central America, with vibrant aromas for a botanical blend unlike any other.
- All our devices contain up to 4500 puffs and are created in a state-of-the-art lab. Cleaner puffs powered by nature.
- Pre-Charged and rechargeable with a type C charger.
What's in the box
1 x 4500 Puff Hyla Device in Sealed Polybag