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 The “Hybrid Alien”, a modified tri-core alien. We incorporated a mix of Ni80 and Ni90 wire to enhance your vaping experience. This build is exclusive to the Coiled by JR brand and the first of its kind on the market. Just get them already!


Available in the Following Specs:

29ga/ 3.0mm ID/ 7wrap/ 0.22Ohm

Build suitable for most dual coil RTA’s/RDA’s and provides a cool vape. There are two ways you can rock this build, 7 wrap (standard) or 6 wrap. Removing one wrap will drop the ohms roughly by 0.02Ω. Recommended wattage range 60-70w.


28ga/ 3.0mm ID/ 6wrap/ 0.15Ohm

Build suitable for most single and dual coil RTA’s/RDA’s. These coils are much more aggressive than the Alien Clapton Ni80 range. Sure to bring out the best in your atomizer! Recommended wattage 75-85w(dual coil) and 40-45w(single coil).

29ga/ 2.5mm ID/ 6wrap/ 0.19Ohm