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The original “Alien” coil! They are everywhere now, but we believe ours are superior because of both the quality of the wire itself and the obsessive attention to detail. Our Alien coils provide amazing flavor, performance and juice saturation that will not disappoint!

Below are the following Specs of coils available:


29ga/ 2.5mm ID/ 6wrap/ 0.21Ohm

These 2.5mm ID nano aliens are suitable for most restrictive RTA’s and RDA’s. Can be used in single or dual coil form. They are a petite set of coils that performs well. Recommended wattage 60-70w(dual coil) and 30-35w(single coil).


29ga/ 3.0mm ID/ 7wrap/ 0.25Ohm

The 3.0mm ID nano alien. Build suitable for most dual coil RTA’s/RDA’s. Provides a cool and flavorful vape experience. There are two ways you can rock this build, 7 wrap (standard) or 6 wrap. Removing one wrap will drop the ohms roughly by 0.02Ω. Recommended wattage range 65-75w.


28ga/ 3.0mm ID/ 6wrap/ 0.18Ohm

Build suitable for most dual coil RTA’s/RDA’s. This build is spec’d out for RTA’s like the Dead Rabbit V2 and similar, they provide a saturated vape and performance that does not disappoint. Recommended wattage range 70-80w.


27ga/ 3.0mm/ 5wrap/ 0.13Ohm

The infamous 5 wrap 27 alien, suitable for most RDA’s and large RTA’s. These coils are great for single and dual coil Atomizers. This build is aggressive, providing saturated flavor and loads of vapor production! If you using dual coil RDA’s like the Hellbeast, Drop, Druga V2 (and others that are similar) then these will be your go-to build. Recommended wattage 80-100w(dual coil) and 45-55w(single coil).